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The Bethany Law Center, LLP is located in one of the oldest buildings in Downtown Bethany Oklahoma. The two-story masonry building was erected in 1922 on Historic Route 66 at the intersection of 39th Expressway and College.

The historic building started as Farmers State Bank, which had been located in Wheatland since 1904. The additional branch was formed to serve the small farmers and businessmen in Bethany, but failed two years later due to the depression. The building and the large bank vault sat dormant for over a decade. On August 11, 1941, The First National Bank of Bethany opened its doors. Twenty years later, in 1961, the building sold to The City of Bethany for its City Hall. In 1974, the building was sold to Jack Petty for the practice of law.

In 2011, Rick and Susan Martin purchased the building with a vision of creating The Bethany Law Center, LLP. Over the next five years, the building has been completely renovated with the preservation of the structure. Some of the historic characteristics preserved from the original bank building are the bank vault and vault doors, brick and marble. Several historic pictures of Downtown Bethany and Historic Route 66 are displayed throughout the law firm including a large 8’x4’ gallery art piece of the building from 1930.

The building is now a first-class law office space with an additional six law offices, a new downstairs conference room and restroom, a break room, and file room. All of this was added to better serve clients of Bethany and the Greater Oklahoma City area. The law firms mission is a shared belief that every client has a unique situation needing legal services performed with insight, compassion, and understanding. Satisfaction comes from guiding clients through their situations with a perspective built on honesty, integrity, and the wisdom that comes with years of experience. We are each called to serve, and we believe strongly in service above self.

We welcome you to The Bethany Law Center, LLP.