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Joanna Gardner
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Paralegal - Joanna Gardner

Joanna came to work with Jack Petty as a legal assistant in 1990 after careers in the medical field, financial industry, and as a Certified Petroleum Landman. She intended to work with Jack just until the oil bust of the 1980's recovered, and then resume her love of the oil business. However, she did not expect the community atmosphere of the Bethany area to capture her heart. Working for Jack consistently for over 20 years has allowed Joanna the opportunity to provide clients a professional, friendly, caring atmosphere with the tradition that has made the Bethany community great.

Joanna has provided legal support to Jack Petty in many areas of law including Estate Planning; Probates; Guardianships; Adoptions; Real Estate and Oil and Gas titles. Joanna provides not only professional services, but also a caring and listening ear to all clients, which makes her a valued member of the Firm.

Joanna is excited to begin a new chapter with a group of professionals who will continue the legacy of an honest, sympathetic flavor of law, and add to the practice innovations providing efficient and effective legal services to the clients of The Bethany Law Center, LLP.