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Business Organizations and Transactions

Business owners and managers usually need a wide variety of legal services. Some needs are simple, and some complex and complicated. We focus on keeping the transactions simple and practical, but have the ability to tackle the most complex issues a business owner may face. Keeping the matters as simple and practical as possible benefits all the parties and leads to effective and efficient legal services and representation.

Our Firm has substantial experience in business law, from the formation of the business, consulting during the growth of the business, and through the sale or other termination of the business, including:

  • Organization of new entities, including corporations, general or limited partnerships, and limited liability companies to accomplish specific goals that are identified in the planning process;
    Click here for a link to the Fillable Limited Liability Company Questionnaire
  • Documentation of agreements and relationships to insure that client goals will be attained, including, but not limited to Annual Corporate Minute Book updates;
    Click here for a link to the Fillable Corporate Update Worksheet
  • Analysis of current operations to determine the best business organization and contract structure to help clients achieve their tax, business, and personal goals;
  • Identification of risks, and consideration of the legal and practical aspect of contracts and relationships;
  • Implementation of changes required or advisable due to new laws or changing business requirements;
  • Preparation and analysis of a variety of agreements, including redemption and buy-sell agreements, compensation arrangements, tax deferred retirement plans, incentives, stock options, and general contract matters to implement the client, and
  • Representation before various governmental units, agencies and commissions.