For minor children:

When it is necessary and convenient, and in the best interests of a child, a Court can appoint a legal guardian.

  • There are several reasons why it may be necessary or convenient to be appointed as guardian of a minor.
    • Enrolling a minor child in school
    • Authorizing proper care for the minor child– including day care, health care coverage and medical treatment, and food and shelter
    • Receiving state benefits for a child living in your home, over whom you do not already have legal custody

For adults under legal disability:

  • Guardianships involve court supervised management of the person and/or property of special needs children over age 21 or an incapacitated adult.
  • A legal guardian can be either a limited decision-maker or an all-purpose decision maker.

Guardianships and capacity issues can be emotional and stressful times. The team of compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys at The Bethany Law Center can provide you with the necessary guidance to help you navigate all your options, understand your legal rights and obligations, and ensure that all relevant interests are protected.

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