What is Probate?
Probate is the legal process of administering a decedent’s estate, pursuant to the terms and provisions of his or her Last Will and Testament, or, if there is no will, pursuant to the laws of the State of Oklahoma.

Why is it needed?

An Estate may be probated for the following reasons:

  • To collect and determine the property and assets of the estate
  • To protect the property of the estate from claims of creditors
  • To determine who is entitled to share in the estate and then distribute the property to the proper parties
  • To secure the legal transfer of property ownership and thereby maintain a clear
    chain of titled to the property
  • Probate may also be the appropriate form to challenge any invalid or improper actions by those who may have taken the deceased’s assets or property before their death.

There are many steps involved in probating an estate. We will prepare all document and appear in court for you and with you. We understand that these proceedings can seem confusing or daunting, especially when dealing with a recent loss of a loved one. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and compassion you need while helping you through the Probate process as quickly and easily as possible.

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